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Pre-cooling is the single most important postharvest procedure. Cooling faster increases profits.


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Precooling Tips and How-To’s by Jim Thompson, UC-Davis.

JT-101  Temperature and Quality

JT-102  How to Cool Produce

JT-103  Tips for Successful Forced-Air Cooling

JT-104  Product Temperature in Forced-Air Cooling

JT-105  Measuring Product Temperature

JT-201  The Return on Investment (ROI) of Forced-Air Cooling

JT-301  Introduction to Recooling


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More Information

Primer on Forced Air Pre-Cooling, by Jim Still

7-8ths Cooling Explained and Illustrated, by Jim Still

Effect of Cooling Delays on Fruit and Vegetable Quality, by Jim Thompson, Marita Cantwell, Mary Lu Arpaia, Adel Kader, Carlos Cristoso, and Joe Smilanick

Precooling and Managing Produce Temperature

The ROI of Precooling & Postharvest, by Adel Kader

Temperature, Respiration Rate and Shelf Life, by Jenny Jobling

Commercial Cooling of Fruits, Vegetables, and Flowers, Link to purchase entire reference manual, $15 USD, by James F. Thompson, F. Gordon Mitchell, Tom R. Rumsey, Robert F. Kasmire, and Carlos H. Crisosto, Rev. 2008, 61 pages

Forced Air Cooling of Strawberries, by Jim Thompson

Harvesting and Postharvest Handling of Peaches for the Fresh Market, by C.H. Crisosto and D. Valero

Harvesting and Handling Peaches, by Kathryn C. Taylor and James W. Rushing

Precooling of Mango. Excerpted pages from “Mango Postharvest Best Management Practices Manual”

Improving the Cold Chain for Cut Flowers and Potted Plants, by George Staby and Michael Reid

Energy Use Of Commercial Forced Air Coolers For Fruit,  by Jim Thompson, D.C. Mejia, and R.P. Singh

Energy Efficiency in Fruit Storage, by Marcus H. Wilcox, P.E.

Table grapes suffer water loss, stem browning during cooling delays, by Carlos H. Crisosto, Joe L. Smilanick, and Nick K. Dokoozlian

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Magnehelic Gage Instructions

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