Rapid Cool 2- And 3-Tier

Rapid-Cool™ Vertical Airflow Pre-Coolers


Up to 6,000 CFM per Pallet at 2.5″ Static Pressure!

Our Rapid-Cool™ Pre-Coolers are the future of pre-cooling. Product is cooled, tempered, and thawed faster, and when you cool 2- and 3- tier high, you maximize the usage of your warehouse height. Rapid-Cool™ Pre-Coolers can deliver as much as two times the airflow per second per pound of product as conventional tunnel pre-coolers, and can therefore cool twice as fast.

– A Rapid-Cool will accommodate pallet heights from 70″ high to 94″ high maximum.

– (5) 15HP fan motors, 42″ axial, with anti-cavitation props, Jim Still designed. (Typical of 5-deep design)

– Pallet racking is safety-orange powder coated, except drive-in rails are hot-dipped galvanized steel.

– All Nema-4X washdown

– With Air pressure and temperature sensors.

– Optional color touchscreen with notifications, alarms, and trends.

– Nema-4x VFD.

– UL stickered.

– Pre-cools 20 pallets, 2-wide x 2-high x 5-deep.  Can also fit in 24 pallets, when pallets are rotated 90-degrees. Other configurations available, contact us.

– Just supply main power and ethernet cabling.

– Download concept drawings. pdf file




It is also possible to load from one end, and unload from the other, for FIFO, and to manage your pre-coolers from your smart phone, using our exclusive SmartCool™ control software .

The key to the ability to pre-cool faster is the vertical air delivery.  Our “air duct” is only 2-pallets tall, allowing us to provide more cfm per pallet without pressure drop, than a similarly sized tarp tunnel.  More airflow enables greater cooling capacity and flow, and faster pulldown times. Combine denser storage with faster cooling, and you can triple your throughput, in the same footprint, with high volume forced air cooling.

Our pre-coolers all have differing airflow volume (cfm) at design static pressure (inches of water column), depending upon the commodity, packaging, and other requirements.