Jet-Ready Instant Pre-Coolers

What is a Jet-Ready Portable Pre-Cooler™?

Precooling faster means you make more money. Period.  Maybe the best explanation is a look at what Six Jet-Ready Precoolers have done to revolutionize Stemilt’s cherry business.  Click here to read learn how we reduced cherry precooling time to 2 hours from 12 hours, and saved 33% in electrical usage! (Precooling article is on pages 5 – 8.) Or Click here to download pdf with the 4 pages excerpted.)

The Jet Ready™ is a forced air cooling tunnel, preassembled, fully-wired, tested, and ready-to-use. It includes heavy duty fans, foam pads and tarp, and all electrical controls, pre-mounted on a galvanized steel frame. (The tarp is shipped loose, to be field-attached.) Including magnehelic gage.
There is also a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for soft starts and stops, as well as motor speed control.  Includes motor starters, fused disconnect, and 25-foot long cord. No construction, no permit, no mess, and no carpenters walking arou0nd your facility.

As opposed to the traditional way where you get a building permit, pour a concrete base, erect a plenum wall, cut holes in it, buy fans from somewhere, mount the fans, provide starters and disconnects, wire them, add a VFD, wire that, call for inspection, and have construction ongoing during your operations.

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What Can a Jet-Ready Portable Pre-Cooler™ Do for Your Business?


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How Long Will it Take to Cool My Product in My Packaging?

We are often asked questions such as:  “How long it will take to cool my melons?  Or, “Can you tell me how long it will take to cool 20 Metric tonnes of seedless grapes from 30C to 4C?”.  So we posed the same questions to Jim Thompson, and here is his reply.

“The Answer Is:  Cooling time is related closely to product diameter.  Small diameter items such as berries can be cooled in 1.5 hours on average; larger fruit such as tomatoes and peaches might require 2 to 3 hours, and melons need at least 4 to 6 hours of cooling time.  Cooling time will be longer than these estimates if there is: 1) inadequate refrigeration capacity, 2) poorly vented boxes or internal packing material that restrict airflow, 3) too much product is placed in the cooler, 4) your staff fails to properly load and operate the precooler, 5) the product is hotter than usual, or 6) other variant.”

Our Jet-Ready Intermodal Pre-Cooler enables you to inexpensively start to pre-cool, and learn as you do.   If all other factors are equal, higher airflow at static pressure is better, and the Jet Precoolers offer world-class airflow at high static pressure.  We often see ROI of 7 weeks or less. Sometimes, a Jet pays for itself with just one use.

Jet Pre-Coolers…If they had wings, they could fly 🙂

Thanks for Believing, Most Sincerely, James David Still, Founder / President / CVO.