Jet-Ripe Ripening System

Jet-Ripe Portable Forced-Air Tunnel systems are simply placed into existing cold rooms, and provide for high airflow forced-air tunnel cooling without construction, permits, or interruption to existing operations.



Jet-Ripe Ripening System

The Jet-Ripe is preassembled, fully-wired, tested, and ready-to-use. It includes heavy duty fans, foam pads and tarp, and all electrical controls, pre-mounted on a galvanized steel frame. (The tarp is shipped loose, to be field-attached.)

There is also an optional Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for soft starts and stops, as well as motor speed control. The VFD is often subject to subsidies and rebates by electrical utility companies, as it eliminates inrush current by the fan motors when starting, and reduces out-of-phase conditions in your warehouse.

Each Jet-Ripe is engineered to handle 2 to 24 pallets, depending upon commodity, packaging, and temperature profiles. With our optional VFD motor speed controller, you can adjust airflow, for lesser amounts of product, to save on electricity, and optimize your results as you learn from doing.




What Can A Jet-Ripe Do For Your Business?

  • Recool and Re-Cool™ in record time. Proven with 30,038 cfm at 1.9 inches static pressure with 18 bHP of electricity input.
  • Cool your product faster and with less energy, even on the loading dock.
  • Quickly recool after fumigation.
  • Initial cooling, final cooling, or finishing after sort-and-pack.