About Us

About Us

Pre-cooling is the single most important postharvest procedure. Precooling Faster makes you more money!

We are passionate about designing and manufacturing the best precoolers the world has ever seen.  With our Jet and Rapid-Cool PreCoolers, you will cool faster, preserving longest shelf life, with more curb appeal, and more net weight to sell. Too hot for too long produce loses water, and it can never be put back again.  Water is freshness and freshness sells.

Our Team

Jim Still, CVO/President, forced-air specialist for 24+ years
Ken Murphy, Chief Safety Officer and VP Installation, 30+ years
Jim Still, VP Sales & Marketing, 2 years.
Bret Motter, Lead Design Engineer, 28+ years.
Bryan Irwin, Production Supervisor, 33+ years.
Dennis Budzitowski, IT, 20+ years

Awards and Memberships. 

Winner Excellence in Manufacturing.  Member PMA.  ASHRAE. TIPA.
Special Note Regarding Cancellations: Orders that you place, which you later cancel, can incur a cancellation fee of up to 30%, on account of all the time and effort and expense wasted dealing with both the original order and then, too, the cancellation. So please be sure you need all the benefits and savings enabled by our Jets, Ripes, and Rapids before you place your order. We do recognize that the only constant is change, and we try to work with you as well as we can.